About Us

About Us

Dida Solutions is a Kenyan enterprise that specializes in offering Business and ICT solutions to individuals and organizations. Since our inception in 2014, we have worked with a number of entities, from start-ups to established organizations to get their businesses empowered for the next milestone.

We have worked and continue partnering with individuals, non-profits, corporate clients for various projects. With our technical, communication and artistic skills, we are a business that can be relied upon to deliver.

Get in touch with us for high quality, professional and pocket-friendly services in web design, graphic design and branding, ICT Tuition, Business and ICT Consultancy, computer repair and maintenance, Voice-overs, photography, video production and social media management.

We also offer business and organizational consultancy services including:

  • Development of policy documents – HR policy, Financial Management policy, Sexual harassment policy, BoD code of ethics, Communication strategy, Welfare policy
  • Community Development – Reporting (donor / funder), business registration, Most significant change stories, Rental and lease agreements, contracts, tender documents, Legal support and advise (children cases), proposal writing
  • Accounting and book-keeping services, Tax returns
  • Constitution development for NGOs, CBOs, Welfares, Self-help groups and Alumni associations
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